Welcome to the AMO section meeting in Fysikhuset E330 Kepler !

The program below includes invited talks during one morning and one afternoon session (including coffee breaks) and a poster session. The social dinner of Fysikdagarna (included in the conference fee) takes place after the poster session (see the general program).


9:00-9:15: Welcome 

9:15-10:00 (40+5): Kenneth Järrendahl, Linköping University

Title: Polarization Studies of Scarab Beetles using Mueller Matrix Spectroscopic Ellipsometry

10:00-10:30: Coffee break

10:30-10:45 (12+3): Ademir Aleman, University of Gothenburg 

Title:  Resonant selective excitation of spinwaves and phonons by fs laser pulse trains

10:45-11:00 (12+3): Alexander Späh, Stockholm University

Title: Supercooled Water probed by X-ray Lasers

11:00-11:15 (12+3): Alexander Muschet, Umeå University

Title: Nonlinear attosecond physics in the 100 eV spectral region 

11:15-11:30 (12+3): David Busto, Lund University

Title: Probing photoionization time delays with attosecond interferometry

11:30-11:45 (12+3): Moa Kristiansson, Stockholm University

Title: Studies of anions in DESIREE


LUNCH: 11:45-13:00  



15:15-16:00 (40+5) Elias Kristensson, Lund University

Title: Coded photography: From instantaneous multispectral imaging to femtosecond videography.

16:00-16:30: Coffee break

16:30-16:45 (12+3): Jeemol James, University of Gothenburg

Title: Multiphoton microscopy and fluorescence lifetime imaging targeting biomedical challenges

16:45-17:00 (12+3): Niklas Johansson, Linköping University

Title: Quantum computers, what properties gives them their advantage?

17:00-17:30: Discussion, concluding remarks

POSTER SESSION: 17:30-19:00